The intelligent monitoring system

What is Xplore?

Xplore offers a complete system of high-precision sensors designed to count people and monitor environmental parameters in real time.

Xplore can provide reliable and detailed data that can be viewed through an intuitive and interactive dashboard, making activity monitoring easier and more efficient than ever before.

Areas of monitoring


Xplore Transport

Companies can identify the origin-destination matrix, manage passenger flows and improve the overall efficiency of the public transport system.

Xplore Environment

Provides a detailed picture of air quality, identifying possible islands and heat waves. We help authorities make strategic decisions for a more sustainable city.

Xplore Turnout

Utilizing real-time data, we prevent overcrowding by monitoring the flow of people in public places and private events, prioritizing full respect for privacy.

Xplore sensors: turning data into opportunities

Our sensors ensure accurate and reliable readings. We leverage advanced technologies to accurately measure crucial variables, providing reliable data for Smart City decisions.


Certified to withstand the elements, the sensors ensure reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. Integration with a cloud platform simplifies access to real-time data, while PoE power simplifies and speeds installation, reducing power consumption.

Information just a click away

The dashboard is an intuitive and customizable user interface that provides a comprehensive overview of the data collected by our sensors. With the dashboard, the user can easily access key information and view data in real time, simplifying decision making.

Technologies for the detection of wildfires

Xplore is also an advanced fire detection system based on a LoRaWAN network of sensors distributed throughout the territory. The sensors monitor key environmental parameters such as PM 2.5 and PM 10 to prevent fires. The Xplore platform enables sensor management, provides real-time data and detailed analysis. Capable of covering up to 15 km, Xplore manages alarms, malfunctions and ensures data quality, proving essential for environmental safety.

Our Process

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