About Us

Innovation is our main strength

Who is Abinsula 

Founded in 2012, Abinsula is one of the main Italian players in Embedded, IoT, Web and Mobile solutions. Its core business is represented by automotive, where it has managed to establish itself as a provider of innovative ICT solutions worldwide thanks to a very high specialization. The rapid growth of the company has been supported by the development of ABILITY, a Linux distribution for embedded systems, which over time has found application in various fields, as well as being a central product for automotive solutions. Abinsula’s success is based on its continuous research and development activity, inspired by the desire to introduce innovative solutions to the market that can provide answers to current or future problems and needs. 

abinsula about us

Our Services

We create customized web and mobile solutions. Nonetheless, we take care of choosing the right device for your work until the prototyping of the final product.


Development of IT applications and platforms specifically designed to integrate devices into everyday life.


Abinsula has extensive experience in creating innovative mobile apps with different technology stacks.



Abinsula manages the entire process of creating mobile products for both consumer and business world.

Cyber Security

Abinsula provides proven knowledge and experience on Information Security to any security-conscious companies.


Embedded systems are all electronic data processing microprocessor systems designed for an application.


Abinsula is able to offer advanced solutions to design and develop a complete automotive/ infotainment system.


Whether you’re looking to move existing systems to the cloud or build new applications from scratch.


Nearshore includes software development company in neighboring countries. Our team complete your team.

When Did We Start

We started operating when the Internet of things was still in its infancy, developing multiple solutions in this field and becoming technological partners of the most important players in this market.
Automotive and infotainment have no secrets for us because our professionals have developed applications for the main car manufacturers in the world, putting their high know-how at the service of our customers. All this would not have the right value without a strong focus on information security, which runs horizontally through all our solutions, with articular attention to security in the automotive and Internet of things, passing through the secure development of mobile applications. We started in Sassari and are currently based in Cagliari, Turin, Milan, Barcelona and China. We offer customized services and nearshore solutions in our strategic sectors with the aim to develop and build high quality services with a fast time to market. Our solutions rely on a team with diversified internal top skills and our many research and development projects.

Abinsula Team

"Master Startup Award"

YEAR 2016
Award sponsored by PNICube that rewards the work of young hi-tech companies born from academic research.

"Premio dei Premi per l'innovazione"

YEAR 2017
Award for excellence in product and process innovation.

"Parajo D'Oro"

YEAR 2018
Award for Sardinian institutions or personalities who have given or give prestige to the island.

"Imprese Vincenti Banca Intesa"

YEAR 2019
Award for the valorisation of SME's that represent an example of entrepreneurial excellence and made in Italy.
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