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Platform supporting vitality and ability of eldery



Platform supporting vitality and ability of eldery

Status: Completed

Period of reference: 01 May 2019 – 30 October 2022

Funder: Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL)

Abinsula Role: Project coordinator

Reference Personnel: Antonio Solinas, Tiziana Fanni

Contact: aalturntable@gmail.com

Normal age-related physical and cognitive decline can be worsened by sedentary life and lack of activity. TURNTABLE is an AAL project coordinated by ABINSULA that brings together a consortium of 9 partners. It aims at motivating older adults to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and to prolong their expectation of an autonomous and independent life. TURNTABLE solution is an extensible ICT platform that provides personalised dietary advice and guidelines for preparing healthy and balanced meals and help elderly to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, involving them in recreational activities of social agriculture and gardening, aimed at growing the food included in their diet, reducing the sense of isolation, acquiring new skills and enjoying green spaces and outdoor spaces.

The TURNTABLE solution integrates various ICT tools, which have already been implemented and validated (EC technological readiness level 7), into one intuitive, personalised, extensible AAL platform. TURNTABLE proposes an active involvement of the end-users during the whole project as well as an iterative design-implementation-evaluation process, which progressively shapes the platform through co-creation, testing and evaluation with involved stakeholders from the early stages of design.

Besides being the TURNTABLE project coordinator, In TURNTABLE Abinsula brings Lifely and Agrumino. Agrumino is a social gardening device that monitors temperature, light, water reservoir and soil humidity and, through open API, it shares these data with its owner or with a network of contacts.  To ease its use for no-developers, Agrumino comes together with Lifely, a mobile application to monitor and use the sensor (https://www.lifely.cc/it/).

Abinsula at a glance

Abinsula is one of the main Italian players in embedded, web and mobile solutions. It stands out for its ability to create custom software and hardware based on customer needs, for outstanding data management systems connected to an excellent use of telemetry, a technology used in several sectors, from automotive to energy, for data transmission and monitoring.

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