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In the last years Abinsula has developed a tested supply chain that allows to follow the customer from the design of electronics and hardware materials, up to the construction of a prototype, putting in place its resources and internal hardware and software skills. This is exactly the Home automation project for an Italian company that manages tens of thousands of systems dedicated to home and business use. The company unsuccessfully tried to find in the market a solution capable of responding to their needs of an home automation solution customized in both hardware and software. Our team has supported the company from the requirements collection for prototyping, to the creation of a carrier board, negotiation with suppliers and subcontractors, customized development of validation tests up to the box-shipping of a thousand pieces for the beta tester. The company was supported by the collection of prototyping requirements, through the realization of a carrier board, the negotiation with suppliers and subcontractors, the custom development of validation tests up to the box-shipment of a thousand pieces for beta testers.

Related Projects



Abinsula has designed and developed a network of sensors to be installed on farms and a management software to correlate the data collected in the laboratory.



Abinsula has supported the creation of a custom linux distribution, able to make all peripherals available.



Abinsula, has developed a custom system, based on linux, for the control of an industrial clock to be used in monumental sites.

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