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The Smart Car and Smart Mobility market is growing exponentially. There are numerous technological evolutions and new business models, able to stimulate a growing interest from potential investors, like  car manufacturers or insurance companies. In such a dynamic context, Abinsula has achieved excellence in creating dashboards for data control and monitoring, with customized solutions to ensure both the highest efficiency and the perfect integration of its products in third party systems.


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The Piedmont Integrated Ticket is an electronic ticketing system of the Piedmont Region that allows to access any public transport thanks to a contactless smart card. In collaboration with 5T srl, Abinsula has integrated an Android app with a smart card that perfectly interfaces with the digital card issuing and recharging system via NFC. Thanks to the app developed by Abinsula, the user can recharge his personal card via smartphone by loading the necessary travel documents. An e-commerce for online ticktes purchase and use on the smartphone is also currently under development.



The Public Transport Company of Sassari has commissioned Abinsula, in collaboration with Greenshare, the development of two mobile applications (iOS and Android) to optimize process delivery and service use.

Using a smartphone, the user is able to view the nearest stop, the bus arrival times, the list of lines and receive a tip on the shortest route to reach his destination. The application also allows to purchase and validate travel tickets, also simplifying the process of verifying the actual use of the ticket carried out by controllers. In order to allow total management of the public transport service administration process, in addition to apps for consumers and controllers, a control, monitoring and administration dashboard for ATP management has been developed.

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The test focused on security in curbing attempts to collect and exploit customers’ personal data, process and technology efficiency.

abinsula personal finance


Abinsula has developed applications for 5 European banks that allow its customers to manage their budgets independently by integrating them with savings wallets.

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Abinsula is a supplier for SNAI group, the main Italian operator for sports betting, having created a custom CMS to make it easier to use content via the web. 

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