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Unified Layers for Innovative Satellites Sensing



Unified Layers for Innovative Satellites SEnsing

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Open Source platform with mobile integration for satellite remote sensing of distributed water pipeline leaks or pollution phenomena in large areas: monitoring and resolution.
The research project aims to build an open source platform model for the control and identification through a continuous alert system of the water system of distributed leaks, which today are the real cancer of our distribution system for drinking water and irrigation. In addition, the same platform will be able to monitor large industrial or reclaimed areas for the preventive identification and monitoring of pollution due to illegal spills or environmental disasters of various kinds. The idea is to provide the public/private sector with an efficient and effective system that allows to take advantage of existing data and technologies but with an approach always dictated by the use of open solutions.
The key principles on which our system is based will be driven by intelligent object technologies helped by satellite technology. By virtue of this the final elements of use are:

  1. Cooperating: objects are allowed to run distributed applications that access the functionality of objects belonging to systems with different owners. In this way, new implementations can be carried out without significant installations of additional physical devices, and avoiding a typical phenomenon such as duplicity.
  2. Interoperants: the adoption of standard interfaces and applications that allow the exchange of data between platforms in different administrative domains, in accordance with data ownership rights legislation;
  3. Exploitable and usable: the intelligent images needed to flexibly and dynamically provide hardware devices with the necessary processing and storage capabilities according to their geographical location;
  4. Able to develop: customized services through Quality of Experience (QoE) assessment, which decides on the success of applications.

Ulisse is a research and development project funded by Sardegna Ricerche which has:

  • Geosatellite System: Constellation Copernicus: Sentinel 1 and 2 (Free to use)
  • Open Source platform: able to read the H20 Indexes present in an area of terrain, intelligent and other Indices to detect and identify losses of various types.
  • Display system or user friendly APP on Mobile device or Tablet.

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Abinsula is one of the main Italian players in embedded, web and mobile solutions. It stands out for its ability to create custom software and hardware based on customer needs, for outstanding data management systems connected to an excellent use of telemetry, a technology used in several sectors, from automotive to energy, for data transmission and monitoring.

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