R&D Projects

Research activities that grow the company

Our R&D Projects

Abinsula is particularly interested in research activities, as they are a ticket to increase the company’s technological offering and establish new collaborations, improving in turn its competitiveness.

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Sustainable Mobility

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Development of new technologies

Participation in innovation and research projects, open the possibility for Abinsula to access new technologies and use them to develop innovative products and services. This allows the company to increase its technological offering, leading to new business opportunities and greater profitability.

Improvement of competitiveness

Thanks to technological innovation, Abinsula can remain competitive in the market and differentiate itself from competitors. Participating in research and innovation projects Abinsula acquires new knowledge and skills that can be used to improve the service offering and increase market share.

Improvement of the network

This opens the doors to new connections with other partners, such as universities, research centers, other companies, and startups. These collaborations are the basis for new business opportunities, knowledge and skill exchanges, and long-term relationships.

Resolution of complex problems

Participation in innovation and research projects could allow Abinsula to address complex problems that may be difficult to solve internally. By collaborating with other partners, Abinsula can access skills and resources that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.


Abinsula at a glance

Abinsula is one of the main Italian players in embedded, web and mobile solutions. It stands out for its ability to create custom software and hardware based on customer needs, for outstanding data management systems connected to an excellent use of telemetry, a technology used in several sectors, from automotive to energy, for data transmission and monitoring.

Custom HW & SW Solution


Data Management


Telemetry Monitoring

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